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One Night with a Hero - Laura Kaye Second in a series but works fine as a stand-alone.

Brady Scott has been sent home from his special forces team to deal with his anger management issues, issues that stem from his violent, alcoholic and abusive father. He is seeing a therapist who has urged him to confront his father. Brady believes that he has the same tendencies as his father and so he has vowed never to marry or have children.

Joss Daniels is a product of the foster care system, recently dumped by her boyfriend who has got a new, pregnant, fiancé she believes that no-one will ever want her, that she is unlovable.

Joss and Brady meet while he is out running (trying to vanquish his demons through exercise) and she is reading in the park. They end up having an explosive one-night stand. They part knowing little about each other, only to find that Brady has just moved into the house/ apartment next to Joss.

Then it gets a little repetitive – Joss and Brady are strongly attracted to each other, they have sex, Brady 'knows' he can never be what Joss deserves so he behaves like a jerk and pushes away. Again and again. Joss is a bit of a doormat – if a guy has sex with you and then treats you like crap don't go round and look after him when he has the flu. I wanted her to grow a pair.

I think conceptually my problem with the book was that Brady's issues with his father were too vague – the 'big reveal' amounted to the fact that his father shoved Brady (then a 17 year old) into the fridge. Now that is unacceptable behaviour but it also isn't enough (in my opinion) to completely traumatise a grown man 15 years later. However, perhaps more details were given in the first book (which concerns Brady's sister Alyssa) and so the author didn't feel the need to repeat them.

I've tagged this as military/special ops but honestly Brady could have been a dentist or a construction worker and the story would have had no differences, his occupation is irrelevant other than various descriptions of him looking hot in his uniform.

Having sworn off New Adult/Young Adult yesterday I fear I may soon be swearing off military/special ops too.

Also, why on earth are all these guys broken? It suggests either that the military is full of broken people or that the military breaks them. Couldn't one of them just be a normal guy with special forces training? I read a review yesterday (can't think where) of a book in which the hero had issues, but he was talking them through with his therapist – the reviewer said that that fact alone made him almost unique in the romance genre and I have to agree.

Anyway, this book is 95% romance which relies quite heavily on coincidences – being neighbours with your one-night stand; getting pregnant from said one-night stand, despite the fact that she was on the pill and they used a condom (unless it was a different encounter); Brady's father dying on the same day as Joss announces she is pregnant; and so on.