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Oath Bound - Rachel Vincent Oh thank goodness. Characters of light and shade. People who aren't afraid to show their feelings. Good people (or people doing good) who aren't likeable (or necessarily completely sane). Violence, real violence not PG-rated, Sunday afternoon made for TV violence, horrific actions. Grown ups.

Having said all that, I think this was probably for me the most light and fluffy of the three books as (I believe) it concludes the trilogy. The first book for me was sooo dark and hopeless I felt quite ill just thinking of the ending.

So, the plot Sera is Jake Tower's (that seems wrong but his surname appears to be Tower) long lost illegitimate daughter. Her mother, step-father and half-sister have been brutally murdered and she approaches the Tower family (and Julia as the current head)to ask for their murderer to be found and killed. What Sera doesn't know is that Jake's will specifies that his crime empire goes to his children (or his eldest child - wasn't clear on that point). Jake didn't know about Sera but Julia did. Julia tries to bargain with Sera - she will find her family's murderer and have him killed if Sera agrees to be bound - to never approach any of the Towers again and to relinquish the Tower name.

Meanwhile, the Daniels family (Kris, Kori and Kenelly - ok so they have stupid names)are trying to bring down the Tower family by breaking the bindings of Tower employees one by one. They go to meet one employee only to find it's a trap and Kenelly is captured. Kris shadow walks into the Tower compound and tries to confront Julia - instead he ends up taking Sera hostage because of a cryptic comment Noelle made in her sleep years previously.

Together with Gran, Annie, Ian, Cam, Liv, Van and Hadley Sera and Kris find out the truth behind the murder of Sera's family, bring the culprit to (a sort of) justice and bring down the Tower syndicate.

I really enjoyed this, fast-paced and gritty with no-one posturing or making stupid assumptions (the Pride and Prejudice failing).