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The Travel Auction - Mark Green 3.5 stars

How to categorise this book?

Jonny and his girlfriend have spent months planning a three month trip around South America, then shortly before they are about to leave he finds her in flagrante delicto with the plumber.

Jonny has already paid for the whole trip. Unfortunately, he has a nut allergy and needs to travel with someone capable of injecting him before he goes into anaphylactic shock. For a laugh his friend suggests advertising on eBay – the catch is that the companion has to have the same name as his ex-girlfriend as the tickets have already been issued.

Kate’s best friend bids on the holiday on her behalf and tricks her into going to the airport to meet Jonny.

There are lots of surprises which I won’t spoil but it was a great story, apparently partially based on truth.

The story is alternately narrated by Jonny and Kate almost like diary entries or TV interview. It is also a personal travelogue of their journey following the tourist trails in South America. Most of all, it is a personal exploration for each of them about issues from their pasts. The last comment makes it sound boring and it is anything but. I loved Kate and grew to love the man Jonny became.

Highly recommended as a plate cleanser after wall-to-wall YA/NA and military romances leavened only by Magic Rises.