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Lycan Unleashed - Tiffany Allee Tiffany does it again, my only complaint is the book was too short I wanted to know more about the motivations of the baddies (I find the pat explanations provided to the Police suspicious) and I really wanted to find out what happened next. I was intrigued by both families. Sorry for the vagueness but I'm trying not to spoil.

Having said previously that Tiffany avoids the clich├ęs of normal paranormal novelists and introduces us to the more unusual paras like Salamanders, Succubi and Banshees I was worried by the title of this book but I shouldn't have been. Mason isn't your archetypal Lycan.

If you haven't read the other books in the series I highly recommend them and I'm eagerly awaiting the next - could you make it a bit longer next time please Tiffany?