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Rescue Me (Last Chance Rescue Trilogy, Book 1) - Christy Reece probably more of a 3.5 stars - I think this 1 to 5 star system needs revising

I would rank this with the better class of Romantic Suspense/Spec Ops series.

The heroine is a woman who has suffered an unimaginable tragedy early in life, seemingly rejected by all she loves and her family she reinvents her life working for LCR (which I think stands for Last Chance Rescue - rubbish name!). LCR specialises in rescuing kidnap victims and makes no judgements on the family or kidnappers, people only come to LCR when all other hope is lost.

One of the best features of this novel (for me) was that although Eden/Devon loses control emotionally when Jordan comes back into her life she retains her professionalism - in other words she doesn't go from being a bad-ass, highly-trained rescue operative (ok, I didn't know what to cal her) to being a big girl's blouse just because Jordan's around. In fact, on several occassions he rushes in, all alpha-male, to recue her only to find she has rescued herself.

The novel still had some of the fantastical elements of this genre - can anyone explain why the founders of these elite groups (think Black Ops Inc by Cindy Gerard) are always fabulously wealthy and yet no-one knows why?

Also I found Inez's behaviour somewhat puzzling.

Probably my only gripe was that I found the baddies were caricatures - clearly the suspense took second place to the relationship.

And another thing, sorry once I get started things just pop into my head, the romantic plot relies heavily on that worn trope of misunderstanding. You would have thought after what happened between Jordan and Devon all those years ago he would have been slower to go off half-cocked again, but no off he goes repeating the errors of the past. Devon/Eden brought her problems on herself by procrastinating, which helped the plot but seemed wildly inconsistent with her character.

Anyway, I look forward to reading the next book - I note that there are several books in the series so I hope that they maintain the quality of this book and don't all blur into one repetitious rinse and repeat cycle.