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Operation: Endurance (When the Mission Ends, #3) - Christi Snow Hmm, as a stand-alone it works better than the third book in a trilogy. Six people who all know each other really well and end up in relationships with each other get involved in three separate serial killer/stalker/espionage stories. At least in this third book the baddie was home grown.

The whole nugget/Nalia thing was odd and unbelievable - I don't think it added anything to the story.

Also the coincidences were racking up - Her secret, his secret, the baddie, his girlfriend etc etc.

And thanks to Heroes and Heartbreakers for pointing out the ickiness of "moist folds" - totally ruined over half of the books I've read since!! Ms Snow is guilty of the moist folds and also the dripping [juices] images.

Pleasant enough, too formulaic, too relationship-based, too easy to resolve the thriller element to rank with others in the genre.