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Return to Me - Christy Reece hmmm more of a 3 star

This book felt more formulaic than the first one. Elusive, omniscient a*hole alpha male? Check. Petite female who "needs" to be protected? Check. Man with allegedly crazy powers of reading others who has absolutely zero self-awareness? Check. Ridiculous plot involving sinister also omniscient villain and crazed twin? Check.

Bottom line I didn't like Noah and I couldn't see why Samara (stupid name) liked him. Also, we constantly heard how she had five older brothers and was savvy about every form of manipulation around as a consequence - and then Noah manipulated her again.

She got herself in a bit of a jam with her sex scenes as well. Samara was previously involved with Jordan - in book 1 we heard what a stud muffin he was and yet in this book when she sees "little Noah" she is overwhelmed!! So either Devon/Eden has very low standards or Noah is an elephant man (mind boggling). Also, both men favour the same position which suggests a lack of imagination on Ms Reece's part.

Also I am starting to detect patterns. A bit like the idiots in horror films who split up, about half way through the book they have the villains and fail to kill them (because they have a code). As a consequence, the villain escapes/breaks out of prison and comes after them like a crazed serial killer stalker. If I ran LCR I would instruct all my operatives to shoot to kill - just saying!

Final gripe, I get that the LCR operatives all have horrific pasts - that's part of the reasons they are approached. But ... do all of them have to believe that they aren't deserving of love/a second chance? Couldn't just one of them have put their demons behind them and put their experiences behind them?

I thought the whole story had too many holes and implausible plot lines - will read the third one but not sure I want to pay money for any more.