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Another one of those books where I honestly can't see what the heroine sees in the "hero", if this were real life and a guy behaved like that (racist/sexist/lying/cheating) I'd kick his butt to the kerb so fast there'd be skid marks.

I didn't understand some of the reasons for why people behaved the way they did - Leonidas (sp?) for example and Atalantas (sp?) was too one dimensional - I kept expecting her to say "mwah, ha ha".

I found the ancillary characters more interesting - who is Nick? What's the story with Zander? Ditto Hades and Demitrios (sp?)and the boy.

I have at least one more in the series so I will probably read it/them at some point but for me the book was to full of cliches (I'm going to make a list soon) to be a must read series