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Lure of the Wicked - Karina Cooper OK, I have totally read these books out of order but this is definitely my favourite.

I enjoyed the prequel, book 1 was quite good but I really couldn't see the connection - much preferred the prequel characters.

Close to detested the fourth book - the alpha male was a total tool and the female character's feelings and actions didn't gel with the way she was described.

So, why on earth did I go on to read this one? Well other people rated the series highly so I bit the bullet.

Whew what a relief, Phin was a male character I could admire. His metrosexuality (for want of a better word) is totally a product of his upbringing and he interacts well with Naomi. Naomi stays true to her introductory spiel, full of bile and anger.

Something I have found in the other books is that I sometimes get totally lost - its almost as if scenes or backstory is assumed but not provided - I only got nuances of that in this book, more like the reader needs to connect the dots rather than the usual WTF?

Glad I gave the series another chance, just about to start 2.5