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MacRieve - Kresley Cole I know many Goodreads readers will hate me for saying this but I really don't like this obsession with Scottish heroes. KC does it, KMM does it the list goes on. Maybe because I'm British I fail to see the lure of the accent? Also why do they all use such ridiculous archaic words?

So, overall story 4 stars, use of a scottish hero with stupid accent gets you 2 stars.

But I feel that I am starting to see the Emperor's New Clothes here. Despite the different species of the hero and heroine and back stories all of KC's books are starting to follow a rather predicatble pattern. I won't spoil anything about the story for those who haven't read it (unlike one of the many web pages I frequent which blurted out a secret in the opening paragraph)but honestly I would have bet money on it anyway. My overall comment would be "no surprise there then".

I was going to suggest that KC's next book involved two quiet people on the outskirts who meet and fall in love without any personal drama, albeit they are probbaly in a shitstorm caused by other circumstances but the ending of Macrieve makes it fairly obvious who is the hero of the next book. So I won't.

Sorry, sounding really grumpy when in reality KC still writes a great book with loveable characters - just hate the Scottish accents (in books, nothing against them in real life).