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Mystery Man (Dream Man, #1) - Kristen Ashley I really tried reading this. I started with Book 4 of the Dream Man series, got about one-third through and hated it. I read some reviews which suggested I would warm to the male lead (Tack) if I had read the earlier books.

So, I started reading this book. The men are totally indistinguishable from each other (I ignore descriptions of looks because so many male leads have long hair which is a real turn off for me). They all spout stupid nonsense that any right-minded woman would report to the nearest Police station.

Someone else (probably lots of people) but who in their right minds gets involved with a man who breaks into her house for sex? Any then, when you find outhe has cameras in/on your house, bugged your phone and car etc you think that's ok? Really?

Others suggested that the last few chapters and the epilogue were great (they may even have implied that they made up for the rest). Ever game I started to read the final chapter and I STILL HATE IT. The writing is sloppy, the repetition of the word "babe" drives me mad (my Kindle says 207 times!).

That's it for me I'm going to delete all four books from my Kindle - I have too many good books to read to waste my time on this.