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Hmm, a vaguely unsatisfying book.

Over half the book was set 11,000 years ago - ok a little bit was 9,000 years ago but don't quibble. The trouble is we knew a good 80% of what had happened already and since none of it was written from Ash's POV I'm not sure we really got much more. And it was unrelentingly depressing.

Then when we FINALLY get to the present day it was all a bit hurried. Tory and Ash's initial sparks seemed really fun and just what Ash needed but all too soon things had moved on. Honestly the thing he liked most about her was that she didn't lust after him like the rest of the human race - for about 2 days! And maybe I'm not getting the "I'm a whore" angst but it seems he puts up with all and any humiliation (physical and mental) from a variety of sources yet he doesn't want anyone to know he was a prostitute? Except it was more of a sex-slave anyway!

And all the other Dark-Hunters are just merging into a big amorphous mess, I can't recall who is what anymore - strangely unless they haven't found their life partners, them I remember fine!

Guessing from other half-reviews I've seen (or is that reviews I've half-seen?) I'm not alone with the meh. So - on with the new, what's next? More Dark-Hunters or something completely different?


EDITED for typos - and I spell-checked! Also, I went on to Larissa Ione's new series