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Dream Chaser - Sherrilyn Kenyon Moving away from the Dark-Hunters and Ash and the were-hunters (don't know why I've decided to capitalise one and not the other).

The story of Xypher and Simone. He's dream-hunter gone bad, sent to Hades for eternal punishment but given one month of freedom as a reward for helping Kat. Simone is a human Medical Examiner who sees ghosts and other "weird" things.

Bound together by magic bracelets which will kill them if they are more than few feet apart Simone gradually shows Xypher that not everyone is self-centred.

There is also a plot with the Gallu and the Dimme - there are now way too many species, mythologies and characters with names comprising many of the less-used letters of the alphabet.

I'm still liking the sories but the characters are starting to meld together - I can barely remember the names of the characters from the last book. Also all the tortured souls are starting to get a bit wearing - how can all the books be so different and yet so similar?